Estate Planning you Can Afford
Protecting Your Assets

Mission Statement

My goal is to provide affordable Estate Planning Services for individuals and small business clients, at a very competitive fee, compared to what other legal service providers would charge you, with the ADDED BENEFIT of personalized estate evaluation and consultation. Hopefully, this will allow you to have access to necessary services you otherwise might not feel you can afford. You will not merely fill in blanks in pre-printed forms. I will analyze your estate situation and recommend the best way to accomplish your goals, then prepare all papers as you direct, and present them to you, with execution instructions, in bound form.

Would you like 10% of your fee to be donated to charity?  Choose which charity you would like, and to whom you would like to dedicate it. Click here to learn more.

All services provided herein are provided by Herndon Law Firm with Barry S. Herndon being its sole member. Barry S. Herndon is a member of the State Bar of Indiana #14575-49.